Ayliea, Nevada

AylieaGraphic Artist/Web Designer. Married to the same wonderful man for 25 years. Mom to four fur-kids (three dogs and one cat).  Currently living in Central America. Managing Administrator for the A Heartbreaking Choice forums.  Devote much of my spare time to helping women who have made this difficult choice to deal with their grief by learning ways to cope with the grief and find joy in their lives again.

Due to infertility I thought I was unable to have kids of my own and helped raise my niece and nephew. At age 40, after going thorough treatment for endometriosis, I found out I was pregnant. Our baby was unexpected, but so very loved and wanted!  We had an amnio done because of my “advanced maternal age,” and found out that our daughter had Trisomy 21.  An ultrasound showed signs of digestive issues and congenital heart failure. We were told by three different doctors that the prognosis was not good, and that even if Lillie did make it to term  (which was unlikely in their opinions) she would need immediate heart and digestive surgery, not to mention that she would be mentally disabled. After speaking with our regular OB/GYN and consulting with a doctor at the hospital who was willing to perform a second trimester abortion, we went ahead and scheduled the termination.  Full story.