Renee, Texas


Stay-at-home mom to four boys (three here on earth and one in heaven).  Married for 19 years.  Enjoys scrapbooking, volunteering with the PTA, Cub Scouts& Boy Scouts, reading a good book, and spending time with my family.  Most recently, became interested in politics and fighting for women’s reproductive health.

On March 29, 2006, I had a routine mid-pregnancy ultrasound.  My two sons were eagerly waiting to hear whether they would have a little brother or sister.  Instead we heard, “Something is wrong with the kidneys, I am going to get the doctor.”  Four days later we learned our baby was another boy, but that his condition was incompatible with life. His kidneys were full of cysts. No bladder was visible. There was no amniotic fluid. His lungs would not develop. I was given two choices and told that neither would be easy. I chose to end my sweet baby’s suffering.  Full story.